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First-Ever Run

First Run is like a first love. It gives both PAIN & JOY.

Nov 29, 2015, with the pounding heart and wide-open dry mouth, I was trying to push myself to complete the first loop of 2.5 KM. Slowly I started feeling my shoes are too heavy and I can no longer lift my legs. I could see the finish line however it was a loop and I had to go for another 2.5 KM. So I decided to throw away those heavy shoes and venture on barefoot.  Guess what? Shoe weight was nearly zero grams, It was my legs they did not have any strength to lift themselves.

My EGO who was all the time ready to burst. It said "Hey Bharat, you are the best runner from your school, what's wrong? You are farmer's son, you have been doing this all along, what's wrong?"


But I had forgotten, That was almost 12-15 year ago, many of the tissues from legs, core, etc. have either lost elasticity or they were as good as dead.

I tried walking for a couple of minutes, nothing changed :(. I accepted the fact. With the help of my buddy I could finish my first-ever run of 5K at Honeywell RUN.

Jeggi, who was the only known guy we knew was into running, he was the reason I was here in the first place. Who knew that one day Running will not only become an everlasting passion but also be part and parcel of life. It changed the way of life. It became a lifestyle.


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